Senator Gran Via Spa Hotel

La Chocita del Loro-Senator Theatre

The best stand-up comedy in Madrid

La Chocita del Loro Theatre at Senator Gran Vía Spa Hotel**** is famous for staging the shows of some of Spain’s top stand-up comedians. Each performance is an exclusive show starring different comedians.

Senator Gran Via Spa Hotel

Comedy evenings with Nuevos Cómicos

The secret behind the success of Nuevos Cómicos is that not only are they stand-up comedians but they also write their own material. Nuevos Cómicos elaborate their stories from personal experiences, to which they then add plenty of humour, irony and even self-criticism. The unique style of each comedian is apparent in his or her performance. Surreal and crazy stories and experiences as well as universally accepted human behaviours are the main ingredients in the stand-up comedy shows performed at La Chocita del Loro-Senator Theatre, always making the audience feel part of the comedian’s adventures.


Limited capacity. Shows are not included in the accommodation price. We can also accommodate small groups for private events.

Bookings: +34 915242 503.